Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – All Challenge Tomb In Cenote

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is now on PC, PS4 and Xbox. it will be the sequel to Rise Of The Tomb Raider and twelfth installment in the game series. the new iteration has been created by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix.

In the game, Lara needs to survive the deadly jungle, fight the trinity and explore unknown ruins and tombs. you can also upgrade Lara’s power by unlocking new skills and outfit to make her more stealthy and powerful.

All Challenge Tomb In Cenote In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Through the game you will find many different challenge tombs in which you need to transverse through difficult environment and solve puzzles.

Solving these puzzles gives players a new skills which will make Lara’s basic abilities more powerful and deadly.

Below you will the Location of Challenge Tombs present in Cenote and also learn how to solve them and get the skill.

San Cordoba

Location – in the north of cenote, the closest base camp to this tomb is “Cenote Temple Ruins”. you need to jump over to a dark cave entrance to get the tomb.

Solution – once you get inside the underwater area keeping moving and stick to the right direction. soon you will get caught in a water stream and arrive at a surface of the water.

From here just climb up and keeping moving in the right direction. until you reach a room where Lara says “There must have been an incredible battle here”.

Puzzle #1

  • First, move the cart in the left direction
  • Push the cannon in the forward direction to destroy the barricades.

Puzzle #2 – this puzzle starts at the big stranded ship. here you need to drop a cannon on the breakable floor of the ship.

  • First, move to the right side of the ship and climb on it.
  • Now fully rotate the level near the mast, this will bring the cannon just above the floor.
  • Jump in the water section located between the ship and open the gate.
  • enter the gate and climb up on the other part of the ship.
  • From there go left and you will find a broken mast, use it to get to the left side of the cave and climb up.
  • Then follow the path and jump on the mast and remove the winch from it.
  • Now climb this mast, get to the top, then move left on the mast and jump to the left side of the area.
  • Follow the path, rappel down, then jump on the hanging mast and get on the floor of the ship.
  • Now you need to rotate the 2nd lever present here to rotate the hanging mast beside the hanging box.
  • After this climb, the mast, jump to the hanging box, jump to the second mast. and climb up.
  • Break the second winch and the cannon will drop on the floor creating a hole.
  • Jump inside the hole and you will find the statue.
  • Interact with the statue and you will receive Caiman’s Breath II.

Skill Reward – Caiman’s Breath II, increase breath capacity when swimming underwater.

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