Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – How To Get Rope Ascender

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Publisher Square Enix and Developer Eidos-Montréal, Crystal Dynamics, Nixxes software have released their new latest game titled Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. it is an action adventure game and would be the twelfth installment in the Tomb Raider series.

Players will be able to play as Lara Croft and venture through deadly jungle, terrifying tombs, and hostile enemies. you will also need to stop the Mayan apocalypse which you have unleashed upon the world.

How To Get Rope Ascender In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

In the game, players will have progress to progress through the story to unlock many new items which will help you get through new areas.

One of the things you can unlock is the Rope Ascender, it is a high-grade military rope which is used for climbing, quickly traversing rope lines and rappel wire.

Location of the Rope Ascender – to get this item you will need to go to Paititi “The Hidden City” which you will get to when you reach halfway through the story.

Once you get there you will need to the upper right section of the map near the upper bridge. there you will find a small boy named Takiy near the foot of the small hill which is just near the market square.

Takiy’s Quest

Talk to him and he will tell you about a dead man who stole his dice. this will start the quest which will give the Rope.

Pisco The Dead

Once the quest starts you will see a quest marker. follow it and you will arrive in a building where you will find Pisco The Deadman who is an outcast. interact with him and he will tell you that he does not have the dice and will instruct you to meet the other five outcasts.

Talk to first four outcasts

After talking to Pisco, four quest markers will appear on the map. you will need to talk to all four of the outcasts.

Talk To The Fifth Outcast

Once you have interacted with all four outcasts a final quest marker will appear on the map. this outcast would be an Old woman who is also a merchant/vendor. talk to her and you will be able to see her inventory.

In the inventory, you will find the Rope Ascender which can be purchased for 3300 Gold Pieces. you can also buy the Lockpick from her which can open locked chests.

Once you have got your item, return to Pisco and interact with him again to get the dice and finally return to Takiy to complete the mission.

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