Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout – Location Of Zombies

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

Publisher Activision and Developer Treyarch have opened the private beta for their game Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout. it will be action shooter and would be the 15th main installment in the COD series.

In Blackout players will be able to use characters from the entire Black Ops series and just like most battle royale games you will be able to get new weapons, armor and more. you will also be able to use land, water, and air vehicles.

Location Of Zombies In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

The Blackout mode is out in private beta and players can play with their friends in duos and squads or just play solo.

COD fans would have realized by now that the big map in Blackout is made up many different maps map together like Firing Range, Tranzit, Verruckt and more.

The map in this mode contains zombies supply cache which has a chance of giving high-level weapons and perks. but this cache can only be obtained if you are able to find the zombies and kill them all.

The zombies in the game are highlighted with bright light but they are not visible on the map which means you will need to search for them on the huge map. so below you find the locations which spawn the zombies.

Below you find a list of locations where you can find zombies. these locations have a chance of spawning the zombies. just note this is not the complete locations and more of them will be added later.

  • Buried – go to this location and there you will find a mansion behind it you will find a maze. this whole area is the zombie spawning region.
  • Call of the Dead – Located on South West/ lower left section of the map. it is situated on the shores.  the whole lighthouse area will be the zombie spawning region.
  • Nuketown – Located on West/ left section of the map. it is the whole island with two bridges connecting to the mainland. the entire Nuke town is a zombie spawning region.
  • Tranzit – Located on West/ left a section of the map. it is situated just before the top bridge connecting to the island. the diner area in Tranzit is the zombie spawning region.
  • Verruckt – Located on East/right section of the map. the whole Asylum building will be a zombie spawning region.

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