Spider-Man 2018 – Guide On How To Heal During Fight

Spider-Man 2018

Publisher Sony Interactive and Developer Insomniac games have released their new game Spider-Man 2018. it will be the latest Spidey game and also the first made by the Insomniac.

Players will be able to play as Peter Parker aka Spiderman in a fictional New York City. you will be able to unlock new suits, gadgets, and skills to make him more powerful to takedown the Marvel’s super villains such as Kingpin, Rhino, Electro, Shocker and more.

Guide On How To Heal During Fight In Spider-Man 2018

There are several different mechanics in the game which you need to know about if you what to survive the brutal fight against Super Villians.

One of the simple but confusing mechanics is the healing which can save your life when you are low on health and are fighting a bunch of enemies. so in this guide, you will learn how to heal yourself during a fight.

Health and Healing – First and foremost you need to know about your health which is located on the top left-hand corner of the screen. below this bar, you will find another bar which is known as focus gauge.

This bar is can perform two task perform a finisher on an enemy or heal you. if you want to heal yourself just press the d-pad to restore some health.

Just remember that you need to fill the focus gauge to restore your health. you can do it by performing chain combos on your enemies.

The Best and Easy Way to Fill The Focus Bar – if you are in immediate need of some focus bar then just send an enemy flying into the air and then perform air combos on them. this way you will be able to fill the bar quickly and then use it to restore health.

A small focus bar will restore a small amount of health and a large focus bar will a large amount of health.

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