Spider-Man 2018 – Guide On How To Gain Levels Fast

Spider-Man 2018

Spider-Man 2018 has been finally released on PS4 by Developer Insomniac Games and Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. the latest game is an open world action-adventure game and brings out some classic Marvel characters.

The story of the game takes place in New york where Peter Parker is interning at a laboratory and also fighting crimes. you will be able to gain new upgrades for spiderman and also complete several side missions.

Guide On How To Gain Levels Fast In Spider-Man 2018

There are several new skills, gadgets, items, and costumes present in the game which can be unlocked when you complete certain requirements.

One of the common requirement for the unlocks is the level which can be increased by earning experience points. these points can be achieved by performing different tasks.

So below you will find some ways you can use to increase the rate of Exp points earning and level up faster to get those sweet upgrades, suits and more.

Complete Main Missions

This is a no-brainer but the large chunk of your XP can be earned by completing main missions. these missions provide the largest amount of XP in the game.

Side Missions

Completing side missions also rewards you a pretty significant amount of XP. these missions are not hard and take less amount of time.

Perform Unique Combat Moves

During fights with your enemies, you can perform a variety of different attacks, moves, takedowns, and finishers. this will automatically give you more Exp then you normally would.

Air Tricks

While swinging from one place to another you can use a combination of different buttons to perform fancy mid-air moves. you can do this by once you have unlocked this skills and then you can perform it by pressing appropriate buttons.

Complete Benchmarks

These are similar to mini challenges or milestones. you can check them out by pressing the touchpad and tabbing over the benchmarks. these tasks can involve getting certain speed while swinging or wall walking certain distances.

Use Combat Analyzer suit mod

This is one of the unlocks you should aim for if you are looking to gain levels fast. when you equip this gadget you will more Exp from fighting different enemies and bosses.

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