Spider-Man 2018 – Solution To Don’t Touch The Art Statue Puzzle


Spider-Man 2018

Spider-Man 2018 has finally arrived on PS4 it has been released by Developer Insomniac Games and Publisher Sony Entertainment. the latest game would take players in the role of 23 years old Peter Parker.

In the story. Parker is working as a lab assistant for Doctor Otto Octavius and simultaneously also working as Spiderman catching thugs and fighting Super Villians.

Solution To Don’t Touch The Art Statue Puzzle In Spider-Man 2018

From the beginning of the game, you will need to solve some mini puzzles to uncover secrets and progress through the story of the game.

Don’t Touch The Art is one of the many puzzles which you need to solve. the solution to the problem is simple but can be confusing. so in this guide, you will learn how to solve it easily.

Solution – First check out the picture of the museum curator and Fisk on the right side of the statue. this will give you a clue that the Statue is not in the right position.

Then check the desk with two brochures. first, interact with the left Brochure and then interact with the right Brochure and flip it. you will get more information about the statue.

Now you need to change Statue’s position. so first get near the statue and then follow the steps listed below.

  • Move left forearm up.
  • Then move the palm up.
  • Turn the Head to the right side.
  • Then move right arm down.
  • Finally, close the statue’s mouth.

Completing the above steps successfully will open the statue’s right hand and now it will be able to hold the Artifact.

So go to the table with the golden artifacts and pick the artifact on the rightmost side. place the artifact on its hand and you will complete the puzzle.

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