Spider-Man 2018 – How To Get All Six Token Types

Spider-Man 2018

Spider-Man 2018 has been released by Developer Insomniac Games and Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. it is will be latest Spidey game in the series and the first licensed game made by Insomniac.

Players will be able to customize spiderman with new skills, gadgets, and many different suits. you will also be able to fight classic enemies like Electro, Kingpin, Mister Negative and more.

How To Get All Six Tokens Types In Spider-Man 2018

Throughout the game, you will be able to earn many different types of collectibles and unlock different rewards.

You will find 27 different costumes/suits which can be unlocked by collecting required collectibles/tokens and levels. but earning these tokens can get confusing so in this guide you will learn how to earn them.

Below you will learn how to earn Backpack, Basecamp, Challenges, Crimes, Landmark and Research Tokens in Spider-Man 2018.

Backpack Tokens

The backpack Tokens are basically Peter’s lost backpacks and if you collect them you will be able to earn tokens. fortunately, all of Peter’s backpack contains a tracking device. to find them you will need to restore radio towers signal and gain access to the police’s communications systems.

After doing this you will be able to see the locations of each and every backpack in a particular location. the backpack appears as a green sign on the map.

Once you get near the location you will be able to hear a beeping sound. the closer you are the louder the beeping gets. there are a total of 55 Backpack tokens present in the game.

Base Tokens

Once you have defeated Fisk, you will learn that many different henchmen have created base camp all over the city. you will be able to see these locations on the map so they are not hard to find.

Once you get to this location you will need to defeat a bunch of enemies and you will earn you Base Tokens. if you are able to clear the base and also complete bonus objectives then you will earn even more Base Tokens.

Challenge Tokens

To get the Challenge Tokens you will need complete mini challenges present in the game. you can find this mini challenge as small orange icons on the map.

You will be able to play different types of Mini-games and according to your performance, you will be able to earn Tokens. if you perform well then you will earn high tokens and if you perform badly you will get low tokens.

If you fail the mini-games you will earn none and you will have to repeat these challenges until you complete them.

Crime Tokens

There are many random events occurring in the game crimes are also one of them. you can find a location of a crime on the map by looking for a red triangle indicator. these crime events can be anything so watch out for them.

If you successfully complete these events you will be able to earn Tokens and if you complete these events along with completing the bonus objectives then you will earn even more Crime Tokens.

Landmark Tokens

To get this token you will need to capture photos of different types of landmarks. these landmarks can be anything from real-world Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building to Marvel universe’s Avenger Tower.

Whenever you find them, bring up your camera and set it up so that the cross-airs turn green. when you get the green cross air just capture the photo. this will reward you with Landmark tokens.

One successful photo gives you one Landmark Token.

Research Tokens

There are two ways of earning Research Tokens. the first is completing missions and second is completing Lab research puzzle.

You will come across several missions which rewards Research Token like when Harry gives you access to his lab, where you can find different research puzzles. if you solve them you will earn the Research Tokens.

The Second way is taking missions from Howard, the Pigeon Trainer. you will meet him later in the story. you will need to collect his pigeons and on doing so you will be rewarded with research tokens.

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