Destiny 2: Forsaken – Location Of Servants Of The Plague

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Developer Bungie and Publisher Activision have released their new latest DLC titled Destiny 2: Forsaken. it brings many new contents, update and the best of all a new story revolving around the fate of Cayde 6.

The new story takes place in the reef where a massive breakout has occurred in the Prison Of Elders. the breakout was planned by Uldren Sov and his rogue undead pirate army known as the Scorn and now you have to stop the escaped criminals.

Location Of Servants Of The Plague In Destiny 2: Forsaken

The latest update has brought many different quests in the game and Wanted Bounties is one of them. in these quests, you will hunt down powerful bosses for rewards.

One of the wanted bounties is known as the Servants Of The Plague and unlike other bounties, this one does not spawn automatically and there are some requirements you need to complete before you finish this quest.

Collect Charge Of Light – before you try to start this quest make sure that you have Charge of light in your inventory. if you don’t have them you will need to buy them from Petra or get them from region chests.

Spawning Servants Of The Plague – Once you get the Charge of light go to Dreaming City and as you land you will find a large door in front of you.

Get inside the door and then you need to go to the event called The Blind Well, it will be visible on the map. from there just drop down to the Beacon put the Charge of Light to start the event.

Once the event starts you will find a wave of enemies and after some time you will see a prompt informing you that the Servant Of The Plague. these particular enemies appear in white shields and are immune to damage.

To remove their shield you will need to focus and kill enemies with the name The Anathema. these enemies have orange hp bars.

Once you have killed enough of these anathemas, the shield from will automatically go down and now you will be able to deal damage and kill the Servant Of The Plague.

Just remember that this particular event is timed if you don’t kill the Servants in time they will despawn and you will have to start the event again.

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