Dragon Quest XI – Location Of Amelia (Amelia’s In A Pickle Quest)

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI has been finally relesead by Developer And Publisher Square Enix. it is a fantasy adventure JPRG game where players play as a hero who has been framed as a demon by the evil emperor.

Now you will need to escape them, gather new friends and obtain new powers to defeat the threat looming around the world.

Location Of Amelia (Amelia’s In A Pickle Quest) In Dragon Quest XI

While fighting the evil monarch and you will have to search for many different items and characters which will help you progress through the story.

Amelia’s In a Pickle Quest is one of the many quests in the game but in this particular quest, you will have to find a lost cat. so in this guide, you learn how to complete the quest easily.

Location Of The Cat – Once you have accepted the quest from the Quest Giver, you will need to enter the item shop situated behind the quest giver.

Once you get inside you will notice a staircase which leads to another floor. go to the top floor and there you find a ladder.

Use the ladder to get to the top of the roof of the building. from here you will be able to get a clear view of your surroundings.

Now from the rooftop look on your right side and you would be able to see the cat on another roof. to get to the cat just jump over to the other roof, interact with the cat and this will complete the quest.

The game is currently available on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and has scored pretty good points among both critics and players.

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