Dragon Quest XI – How And Where To Turn In Mini Medals

Dragon Quest XI

Developer and Publisher Square Enix have released their new game titled Dragon Quest XI on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. it is a single player turn-based RPG game and the eleventh edition in the main series.

In the new title, players will be able to play as a hero who has been denigrated as a demon and is being hunted by a malicious monarch. you will meet several new characters and unlock new weapons and armor to fight powerful enemies.

How And Where To Turn In Mini Medals In Dragon Quest XI

Just like previous Dragon Quest titles in this game too you will be able to collect Mini Medals and turn them into rewards in special locations.

There is a total of two locations in the game where you can turn in your hard earned mini medals. but you can’t just walk into these locations. read further to know more about them

Location #1: Inn in Puerto Valor – the first location where you can turn in the medal is Puerto Valor. to get to this location you will have to get the ship.

Once you arrive at Puerto Valor, go to the inn located in the town. in the inn speak with the Medal collector who is present behind the counter. if you turn in your medal you will receive some amount of stamps based on how much you exchanged.

These stamps will fill the big circle and once you have filled it you will receive your rewards. this will clear this area.

Location #2: L’Academie De Notre Maitre Des Medailles – the second location where you can turn in the medal is called L’Academie De Notre Maitre Des Medailles which is an academy for finding mini-medals.

Once you arrive at this location enter the building and go to the center of the room. there you will find the headmaster who will accept the mini-medals.

Just remember that he will only accept the mini-medals if you have filled the first page in Puerto Valor.

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