Dragon Quest XI – Guide To Locations Of All The Six Orbs

Dragon Quest XI

Developer And Publisher Square Enix have released their latest game Dragon Quest XI on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. it is a turn-based adventure JRPG game and will be the eleventh title in the main Dragon Quest series.

The story of the game takes players through an immersive experience to save a doomed world. apart from the main story, you will be able to play different side quests and mini-games which will provide content for over 100 hours.

Guide To Locations Of All The Six Orbs In Dragon Quest XI

In the game, you will need to search many different regions for different characters and items to progress through the story.

Finding all the six orbs will be one of the main tasks in the game. at one part of the story, you will be asked to open the way to Yggdrassil which can only be done by obtaining all the six orbs.

First And Second Orb – Before you even begin your adventure of finding the six orbs. you would have reached a point in the game where you have already obtained two out of the six orbs.

Third Orb – Once the game prompts you to search the rest of the orbs, you will get access to a ship and the story will take you to Nautica, the underwater city. here you will just have to follow the story and you will receive your third orb.

Fourth Orb – to get your next orb you will have to head to Champs Sauvage. once you have arrived there head in the north direction and go to L’Academie de Notre. enter the building and talk to the headmaster.

After this, the game will prompt you to go to the east of L’Academia towards Eerie Eyrie. in this location, you will need to go through the dungeon and finally fight the bird at the top. there you will find the fourth orb.

Fifth Orb – the next orb is located in Phnom Nohm, here you will need to get the Magical Key. to get the key you will need to defeat the boss Dora-in-Grey. once you obtained the key you will need to open the red doors present in the ruins.

To get to ruins, you will need to travel to Warrior’s Rest Inn and then head west to the ruins. there you need to take the right staircase down. follow it and you will arrive before a red door. open it and you will a chest that contains the fifth orb.

Sixth Orb – To get the final orb you need to go to the big city of Sniflheim. there you will need to follow the story and the Queen Of Sniflheim will eventually reward you with the final sixth orb.

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