Dragon Quest XI – Guide On How To Open Silver Doors

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI has arrived on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4, the game has been developed and Published by Square Enix and it will be the eleventh installment of the main Dragon Quest game series.

The latest installment takes place in the world of Erdrea where you play as the Hero who has been denigrated as a demon and is now being a malicious monarch. you will be able to experience a new 3D turn-based combat and meet new characters.

Guide On How To Open Silver Doors In Dragon Quest XI

In the game, you will need to complete many different tasks andĀ unlock many different things to progress through the story.

One of the things which you can unlock is the big red and silver doors. both kinds of doors are locked and can be only unlocked when you complete a certain task and obtain the Magic.

In this guide, you will find how to open the Silver Doors, if you want to know how to open the red doors then follow this guide – How To Open Red Locked Doors

Before you proceed just note that this guide contains some end-game spoilers which might be game ruining for you so proceed with cautions.

How To Open Silver Doors – to unlock this door you will need to get the Ultimate Key but you cannot obtain it until you have completed the game and have unlocked the True Ending.

How To Obtain The Ultimate Key – after completing the game wait for the credits to end. then you will see a whole story section, just follow it and when the game asks you if you really want to do something, accept it.

Travel to Havens Above which is the home of the Watchers. when you arrive there, locate the elder of the town. after finding him, talk to him and a cutscene will start.

Let the cutscene end and then turn right, you will find a chest located behind you. inside the chest, you will find the Ultimate Key.

Now with the Ultimate Key in your hand, you can open any silver doors.

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