Green Hell – List Of Edible, Non-Edible And Medicinal Plants

Green Hell

Developer and Publisher Creepy Jar have released their new game titled Green Hell. it is an open world survival simulation game and has just arrived on steam early access for an approx three-month beta testing.

Players will be dropped deep into the Amazonian rainforest with no food or equipment and the worst no way of getting out of the place. you will have to learn about all survival skills and make shelters for a roof and craft weapons in order to hunt and defend yourself.

List Of Edible, Non-Edible And Medicinal Plants In Green Hell

In the game, players will have to search through the green forest in search of resources but as your character doesn’t know much about the surrounding you will have select your source carefully.

Plants can be used in the game for many different purposes but all of them are not equal. some are good for your health and some are extremely bad.

Below you will find a list of edible, non-edible and medicinal plants which will help you select your sources easily. just note that that the list is not complete and will be update once we know about more plants.

  • Blue tree shroom – this particular shroom is edible but does not give any carbs
  • Cassava – looks like a big brownish bulb and contains a high amount of carbs. but you need to cook/boil it first.
  • Cocona – It looks like a Yellow tomato and is good for carbs and hydration.
  • Ghost mushroom – It is also known as Brown oyster mushroom which glows in the night. it can fill a small amount of carbs.
  • Heart of Palm – it can be obtained by cutting medium palms and contains a high amount of carbs.
  • Liberty Cap – it is also known as umbrella-shaped shroom/magic shroom. it gives a psychedelic effect.
  • Palm tree nuts – contains a decent amount of fats
  • Red Cup Shaped Shroom – it is also known as scarlet cup, it can cure parasite and fill a small amount of carbs.
  • Green cassava bulb – it can give food poisoning
  • Green Cassava flower – it can give food poisoning
  • Stinkhorn – it looks like an unhealthy white mushroom. it can cause food poisoning
  • Banana Leaves – can be used to dress open wounds.
  • Molineria Leaves – it has a yellow flower and distinctively shaped leaves. it can be used to make bandages.
  • Plantain Lily – it has Heart colored leaf and purple flowers can be used to cure venom.
  • Tobacco Leaf – it can be used to cure venom, you can either use it as a bandage or just stew it.
  • Quassia Amara flower – it has spear shaped flower, can be used to create a fever-reducing stew.

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