Two Point Hospital – How To Use Research Effectively

Two Point Hospital

Publisher SEGA and Developer Two Point Studios have released their latest title Two Point Hospital. it is a single player building and management game where players have to manage their own Hospital Tycoon.

You will need to design your hospital so that you can increase patients and cash flow, you will also need to hire different specialists and also research new technology to cure different disease.

How To Use Research Effectively In Two Point Hospital

Throughout your gameplay, you will need to unlock many different features to upgrade and improve your hospital.

One of the features which unlock new equipment and items is the Research Lab. so below you will find a guide on how to use the research feature and set up basic research operations for all your hospitals to come.

Unlocking Research Lab – to unlock this feature you will need to get past the first few levels and eventually you will get the Research Lab.

Once you have unlocked the Research Lab you will need to hire Researchers to unlock new important technology for your hospital.

The best part about the researching is that they are shared across all the hospitals so you don’t have to create separate labs for each location.

How To Use Research Lab –  after unlocking the lab you will need to set up a research lab and fill it with necessary pieces of equipment and fill it with researchers.

To make the most out of this feature aim to increase the level of the room to level 5. you can do it easily by placing multiple research lab, research stations, and gold certificates.

Once you have created multiple labs select each of them and increase the staff to its maximum capacity.

To do this you will need to either hire or train doctors so that they can proceed with doing the researching.

Make sure that your troublesome employees keep doing what you want. to do this you need to assign employees to certain tasks and make them only work for the research. if you are having spots which need employs then hire more staff.

With your research team in multiple labs, you can easily learn Research II, Research III and more in time.

This will keep you ready before with most advanced technology so you don’t have to fight against the time pressure.

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