Two Point Hospital – How To Train Staff/Training Guide

Two Point Hospital

Publisher Sega and Developer Two Point Studios have released their latest title Two Point Hospital on PC via Steam. it is a strategy management game where players need to build and construct a whole hospital campus.

You will be able to research cures for different diseases, unlock advanced technology and hire different types of employees to run your hospital.

How To Train Staff/Training Guide In Two Point Hospital

In the game you will need to manage several things like researching new technology, designing hospital, curing different types of diseases and more.

Hiring and Training Staff is also one of the mechanics in the game which you will need to look out for. as these employees will be responsible for making or breaking the proper functioning of your hospital.

How To Unlock Training Room – at the beginning of the game you will need to clear some levels which will teach about the basic gameplay. once you have completed it you will get the Training room feature.

This new feature will let you train Doctors, Nurses, Janitors and more which will make your staff more efficient and good at specific tasks.

How To Use The Training Room – first you need to create a room filled with Trainee desks, each desk can accommodate only one student so design the room keeping this thing in mind.

If you are confused about how many desks you need then just create a room with 10 Trainee desks, later you will get a mission which requires you to train staffs

Training Employee – Each employee you hire is different and each of them come with a star rating, one through five. each star rating can accommodate only one single trait.

Now you need to decide what skills to train on an employee. you can select the room, click on start course and then select the employee you want to train or just drag the employee into the training room.

The best strategy would be to assign skills which increase staff efficiency and productivity. for example, increasing treatment skill on a nurse would make them more skilled and a doctor with Diagnosis skill would be great in a GP’s Office.

Once you have selected the trait you want you can just need to teach them which is a slow process. but you can increase the speed by hiring tutors.

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