Two Point Hospital – How To Remove Monobeasts

Two Point Hospital

Developer Two Point Studios and Publisher SEGA have released their new latest title Two Point Hospital. it is a sandbox simulation game where players need to build and manage all the parts of a hospital.

Players need to research the cure of different diseases, build new infrastructures and hire new staff you help you run your hospital.

How To Remove Monobeasts In Two Point Hospital

In the game, you will have to complete many different objectives to ensure that your Hospital is running fine and dandy.

But occasionally you will encounter many staff challenge objectives where you have to complete several tasks and one of them is Shooting the Monobeasts.

What are Monobeasts – Monobeasts are small worms which sometimes appear in your hospital. these worms are small and can be seen crawling around and you can see a lot of them if some parts of your hospital are dirty and have no hygiene protocols.

The janitors have been tasked to remove all the filth from your hospital but they are very lazy and sometimes you need to manually command them to clean the dirt.

How To Shoot Them – these worms are really fast so make sure that you are playing the game at normal speed.

Then comes the task of finding them if you can see a dirty spot in the hospital then you can easily find them otherwise you will have to search for them in places where they hide.

You can mostly pick up benches, snacks machines, drinks machines and other objects and you may find some of them hiding.

If you are able to find them, then quickly target them with your mouse and click it to shoot them up. if you are having trouble doing it then you can simply pause the game and then use the mouse to target and click on it.

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