Two Point Hospital – How To Earn Kudosh Points Easily

Two Point Hospital

Developer Two Point Studios and Publisher Sega have released their new game titled Two Point Hospital. it is a simulation and strategy game where players have to build a money-making Hospital Tycoon.

You will need to research and unlock new upgrades and items to get new pieces of equipment and cure different illness. furthermore, you also need to design the hospital to get as many patients as you can.

How To Earn Kudosh Points Easily In Two Point Hospital

In the game, players will be able to earn two types of points first is the money and another is the K points also known as Kudosh Points and both of them function differently.

The money you earned can be used to purchase most of the equipment, building, staff and more. the Kudosh points can be used to unlock and make the items available to be purchased. once you unlock an item with K points it will be available permanently.

How To Earn Kudosh Points – to earn the Kudosh first you need to progress through the beginners level this will automatically reward you with a small amount of K-points.

Further, in the game, you can earn K-points when you successfully pass a health inspection or overcome a medical emergency. but this method is not a reliable way to earn K points.

The best strategy to earn them by is completing career goals. you can check them out by clicking on the Career tab option present in the lower left corner of the screen.

This will bring a new window which consists of a list of career goals. different goals come with different tasks which you can complete to earn special items. Some tasks are easy and some are difficult to complete.

By completing career goals you can earn K points, unlock new upgrades to improve the quality of your hospital.

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