SCUM – How To Open Food Cans And Other Canned Goods


Developer Gamepires, Croteam and Publisher Devolver Digital have released their latest game titled SCUM on steam early access. it is an open world survival game where players are placed on a mysterious island with many other players to survive.

Players will need to gather many different resources like food, clothes and more. you will also be able to craft new weapons, items and other devices to protect yourself from robots and other hostile survivors.

How To Open Food Cans And Other Canned Goods In SCUM

In the game, you will have to face many different challenges to survive the dangerous island but you will not get proper instructions from the game on how to do it.

There are many things you will need to learn and Opening Food Cans is one of them. if you too are struggling and wondering how do you open this little cans then follow the guide below.

Things You Need To Open A Can – to open a can of food you will need to get a can opener, or a scissors or a stoke knife. you will be able to see how you can use both of them.

Can Opener – when you enter a server you won’t get the item immediately and you can’t even craft it. so you will need to search for it in different houses and buildings. you can also search for the can opener in other prisoners bodies.

Scissors – similar to can opener you can’t craft the scissors. you will need to look for it in houses, buildings and other prisoners bodies.

Stone Knife – you can use the stone knife to open canned food, it is not as effective as the can opener or the scissors but the good thing about this item is that you can craft it. all you need is two pieces of stone which you get easily.

How To Open The Food Can

Once you have acquired a Can Opener or a Scissor or a Stone Knife. you now need to open the can to get your food. to do this you can follow the steps listed below.

  • First, select the Can
  • Then select the Tool you have to open the can
  • Right-click the can
  • Finally, select open

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