SCUM – How To Build An Improvised Fireplace And Start A Fire


SCUM has been released on Steam via steam early access and it has been made by Developer Gamepires, Croteam and Publisher Devolver Digital. it is an open world third person survival game where players need to placed in massive island to fend for their lives

As a prisoner on the island you will have to get gather all necessary resources to survive and craft new weapons to fight hostile prisoners and giant killer robots.

How To Build Improvised Fireplace And Start A Fire In SCUM

Throughout your survival on the island, you will have to need to craft and create many different items and devices to survive.

One of the important thing you will need on the island is fire which can be used to cook food and for other purposes.

So below you will find a guide on how to to construct a fireplace and get a light sources to create your own fire.

How To Build An Improvised Fireplace

To build an improvised Fireplace you will only need to get five Small Wooden Sticks and some kindling materials which will help you set it on fire.

So first search a big bushy area and craft a stone knife, the knife can be crafted with just two stones which you can get easily and then you can use the crafting menu to craft it. once you have the stone knife just cut five Small wooden sticks from the bushes.

Now you need to get yourself some kindling materials, there are many items in the game which you can use to create kindling materials like Gunpowder, Brake Oil, Paper, Rags and the simplest of all of them tinder which can be crafted with one Stick and a Stone Knife.

Just combine the tinder and the five small wooden sticks and you will get your own improvised fireplace and now all you need is fire.

How To Light Something On Fire

You have already made a fireplace now you need to get a light source. so the basic thing you can do is to search for matches or a lighter in different houses and buildings. you can also find one of them on a prisoners body.

If you are unable to get any of them, then you can craft a fire drill, all you need are some Sticks and a Stone Knife and then use the crafting menu to craft it.

Finally, you have everything you need to start your own fire. you now just need to go into your inventory menu and select both improvised fireplace and the fire starting item. with the two things selected right-click on Improvised Fireplace, and then click Light Fire.

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