SCUM – Guide On How To Piss, Poop And Vomit


SCUM has finally arrived on Steam via steam early access by Developer Gamepires, Croteam and Publisher Devolver Digital. it is an open world multiplayer game where players need to survive on a prisoner island.

Players will need to search for resources on a massive map for foods, weapons and other important items. you will get a deep customization and control feature for your character make it the survival experience more realistic.

Guide On How To Piss, Poop And Vomit In SCUM

In the game, you will have to take care of many different mechanics which will help you survive the deadly hostile island.

One of the mechanics which you need to know about is the Toilet system which makes your character piss, poop or vomit. this feature is easy to use but because the game does not have a good tutorial or instruction it creates a lot of confusion.

Your character comes with a deep customization and control function and the digestion system monitor. if you have recently eaten food or drank some water then you will need to relieve your bowel system soon.

If your digestion system meter gets high and you do not relieve your character then it will affect your character’s performance and you will become an easy target for the giant robots and other prisoners.

How To Piss, Poop And Vomit – to use this feature all you need to do is press the Tab button and a radial menu will appear. on the right side of this radial menu, you will be able to see the toilet sign.

Click on the toilet sign and you will see three other options which are Piss, Poop and Vomit. just select what you want to do and your character will perform it.

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