Two Point Hospital – Guide On How To Remove Ghosts

Two Point Hospital

Developer Two Point Studios and Publisher SEGA have released their new game titled Two Point Hospital on PC. it is a simulation management and building game where players will have to create their own hospital empire.

Players will have to design stunning hospitals, cure peculiar illnesses and manage annoying staff who try to slack all the time. you will need to slowly but steadily expand your hospital tycoon and become the most successful and rich business.

Guide On How To Remove Ghosts In Two Point Hospital

While playing through the game you will have to manage your staff and make good facilities for your patients so that they get a good life and you get some good money.

But eventually, you will encounter a situation where some of your patients will die because of troublesome staff or delay in getting proper treatment.

Death in a hospital is quite common but the most troublesome part of the death in this game is that there is a small chance that they will return to haunt the hospital.

If your hospital is being haunted then you will be able to see a large white flying ghost roaming around and terrifying your staff and patients which will create a panic like situation and disrupting the flow of your hospital.

How To Remove Ghost – to remove this ghost you will need the Janitor Ghostbuster. there are many staff members who have different perks and the ghost catching perk is one of them.

You just need to select a staff and look for the ghost perk which looks like a ghost icon and skill it up. this will give you your own Janitor Ghostbuster.

The Janitor Ghostbuster can easily catch them in a Jar and remove them from your hospital to create a less hysterical environment.

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