The Universim – Guide On How To Avoid/Control Depression

The Universim

Developer and Publisher Crytivo have released their new latest title The Universim on PC via Steam. it is an indie strategy and simulation game where players are given godly powers of managing a planet and guiding a civilazation to prosperity.

In the game players will be able have help the nuggets who are a fragile and whacky species and will need your guidance to do everything.

Guide On How To Avoid/Control Depression In The Universim

While playing progressing through the game you will have to control many different aspects and mechanics which are going the effect the civilization you are trying to create.

Depression among the Nuggets is one of the most annoying and tedious mechanics which will spread like wildfire and will become impossible to control if you don’t take care of it early on.

So below you will learn about the causes of depression and the steps you can take to counter it easily.

Main Causes of Depression

When one nugget dies their whole family is affected by hit and their joy level starts dropping. with low joy, the Nuggets start going into depression and if the depression starts increasing they will stop reproducing which will be a massive blow to your empire.

With no reproduction and rising depression, the Nuggets will start dying which will make more Nuggets get into depression which will eventually kill all the nuggets in a particular location.

How To Avoid Depression

Do not let your nuggets die from thirst or starvation, so make sure to keep a surplus amount of both food and water.

Prepare a cemetery from the beginning as later you will have some old Nuggets who will eventually die. you do want other nuggets to keep seeing a dead one among them.

How To Keep The Nuggets Happy

You will encounter some Nuggets who are low in happiness. in this state, they stop whatever work they are doing to relax which makes them happy again. but it will only work for a little time and soon even relaxing won’t help them.

So to keep them happy and lively again you will need to research recreation which is quite far in the research tree. the best strategy would be to skip multiple research and get the recreation as soon as you can.

Once you have the recreation create 1 business/recreational building per 10 nuggets in your population. this will keep them happy and fix their depression problem in The Universim.

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