Strange Brigade – Locations Of All Jars In Tunnels of Wadjet

Strange Brigade

Developer and Publisher Rebellion have released their latest game Strange Brigade on Xbox, PS4, and PC. it is an action-adventure shooter game where players are placed in ancient Egypt in year 1930s in a nameless tomb.

The Witch Queen Seteki has risen from her grave and also revived her mummified army. now it’s up to your brave team to defeat the Queen and save the world.

Locations Of All Jars In Tunnels of Wadjet In Strange Brigade

In every chapter of the game, you will be able to discover and collect different collectibles which will help you gain rewards and complete achievement.

One such collectible is the Jar which can be found throughout a chapter. there are a total of four Jar in each level and finding them will give you some pretty good bonuses.

Below you will find the location of all the Jars present in Tunnels Of Wadjet in chronological order of the game.

Jar #1

The first jar can be found inside the first chamber of the level. when you enter the chamber look on the left side of the wall and you notice a hole. in the hole, you will be able to see Jar sitting on a wooden frame.

Jar #2

While progressing through this level you will enter a chamber where you find the first blue crystal. in this particular level look for a small pool of water. once you locate it, look above the water and you will be able to see the Jar sitting on a ledge next to many candles.

Jar #3

After getting your second Jar proceed through the game and you will arrive a section where you will fight several zombies and a giant Minotaur. in this particular area look for a ledge above the exit doorway and you will find the Jar.

Jar #4

The final Jar can be found at the end of the chapter. you will arrive at a section where you need to drop into an area filled with deadly spikes and flames. from this location look straight ahead and you will be able to notice a wooden beam, the Jar will be sitting on it.

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