Strange Brigade – Locations Of All Cats In Harbin’s Dig Site

Strange Brigade

Developer and Publisher Rebellion have released their new game titled Strange Brigade on PS4, Xbox and PC. it is a third person shooter game where players enter the 1930s with a team to fight Seteki the Witch Queen who has risen from the grave.

Players will be able to explore several dig sites level filled with enemies from the afterlife, deadly traps, and mysterious puzzles. you can fight these zombies alone or team with up to four players and send Seteki back to hell.

Locations Of All CatsĀ Harbin’s Dig Site In Strange Brigade

In the game, players will be able to collect a lot of different collectibles which will give you different rewards and also complete achievements.

One of the collectibles present in the game are the blue cats which are located in different areas. if you are able to collect all six blue cats then you will able to unlock the golden cat and receive other rewards.

Below you will find the locations of all the blue cats and golden cat in Harbin’s Dig Site in chronological order for Strange Brigade.

Cat #1

The first cat cannot be missed and it can be found near the starting of the level after the rope bridge falls. you will have to go down a path, on the left side of this particular path you will be able to see the blue cat sitting on a rock. just shoot it to destroy it.

Cat #2

The second cat can be found after you have crossed the first tunnel of the game and also encounter the first zombie. head into a courtyard like an area and you will see some tents, on the left side of the tents you will see an archway. on that archway, you will see the cat.

Cat #3

The third cat can be found after you run into your first giant scorpions when you unlock the door. in this area go left and head up towards the ridge with the spike trap. once you have arrived at that ridge look right and then look down. you will be able to see the blue cat.

Cat #4

While progressing through the game you will be attacked by enemies who throw spears from above. but don’t go towards them instead go to the path on the right side and climb all the way up to a little cave.

Head through the cave and you will reach a wooden bridge. here you will be able to hear the meow. just turn around and you will see the blue cat sitting on a right side of the bridge on a wooden post. then shoot it and destroy.

Cat #5

The fifth cat can be found on the final courtyard area of the level. here you need to walk towards the puzzle door. then turn left and head down to the path on the right side.

Down the path, you will see a stone bridge and below it, you will find a lot of tents. on the leftmost side of the tent, you will see rocks. there you will find the cat.

Cat #6

The final cat cannot be seen by you until you have seen the door with cat symbol. the cat symbol door is present on the right side after you solve the giant floor puzzle.

From the Cat symbol door, go left and you will see a staircase. on top of the staircase, you will see two pillars, the cat is present on top of the left pillar.

Golden Cat

Once you have destroyed all the six blue cats you will be able to enter the Cat symbol door and inside you will find the Golden cat and plenty of golds.

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