SCUM – How To Find Servers To Play With Friends


Developer Gamepires, Croteam and Publisher Devolver Digital have released their latest game SCUM on Steam Early Access. it is an open world survival game where players play as prisoners who are being used for entertainment purposes on a dangerous island.

Players will be able to craft different items, weapons, and other devices which will let them survive the island and also fight other prisoners.

How To Find Servers To Play With Friends In SCUM

In the game, players will be able to play with other online players or just invite their friends and enjoy a particular server.

The online multiplayer lets up to 64 players in a single player which is kinda low but still ok for an early access game.

So below you will find a guide on how to find servers to play with your friends and also how to connect to a server which you were previously connected to.

First, log into the game and then enter a server where you want to play. then you will need to follow the steps below to invite your friends.

Finding the server IP and Port
  • First press windows key + R to open the run command
  • Type ‘Resmon.exe’ and press enter
  • There you will need to Click on the network tab
  • Tick the box present before Scum.exe
  • Expand the TCP connections panel

This will open a new window which will display the Remote Address and Remote Port combine them both and it will be your IP address. for example.

If Remote Address is and the Remote Port is 21111. then your I.P address would be

Once you have this IP address figured out. tell your friends to go to the game main menu and input the IP into the white box below the Connect word.

Doing the above correctly will let you and your friends play on the same server

Alternative Way to Open The Resource Monitor
  • Open Task Manager by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
  • Then click on the performance tab
  • At the bottom of this window, you will see the Open Resource Monitor, Click on it.

Once you have opened the resource monitor do the following

  • In this new window click on the network tab
  • This will bring the Processes with Network Activity section
  • Click the box before SCUM.exe
  • Expand the TCP connections

Now you will be able to see the remote address and the remote port.

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