Donut County – Guide On How To Get 100% Achievements

Donut County

Developer Ben Esposito and Publisher Annapurna Interactive have released their latest game named Donut County. it is an indie funny adventure game where players play as an ever-growing hole in the ground.

Players will need to use the game physics and control the hole to solve different puzzles and proceed through the story. in the game you will be able unlock many new things and achievements is one of them. so you will find a guide below on how to get 100% achievements.

Guide On How To Get 100% Achievements In Donut County

Bandit – During the Biology Lab section of the Raccoon, HQ break into the vault and then use the commands present on the wall and enter the secret code found in the Bandit Note Trashopedia entry which is Up, Left,  Down, Left, Grab. If you execute the steps correctly the vault will open.

Boss Fight – Win against a boss fight.

Dethroner – use the tornado to destroy the statue of Trash King after the boss fight.

Disrespecter – in the Anthropology section of the Raccoon HQ pick up a lit firework. then use it to explode Trash Kings’ monitor.

Donut County – you need to destroy the donut shop, just complete the Donut Shop level.

Egg Breaker – On the Chicken Barn level destroy three dozen eggs. an easy way to do it is to activate the switch present on the barn later and let the barn shoot eggs on the ground.

Escape – In the aftermath, level follow the anchor above the clouds with your Quadcopter.

Flawless – Complete a boss fight without taking any damage.

Gamer – buy the Energy Drinks from the Chicken Barn level cutscene before you buy the catapult upgrade.

Game Over – Loss a boss fight.

Hacker – you need to hack into the mainframe, just throw the USB key at the security system located outside the Raccoon HQ.

Music Lover – collect every item in Gecko Park but leave the radio behind.

Nerd – to get this achievement first complete the game then go to your Trashopedia and read every entry for each item.

Pup’s Odyssey – you need to release the hot air balloon, just complete the Potter’s Rock level.

Pilot – In the aftermath, level Fly through the Donut Shop hole with your Quadcopter.

Pyro – in the Joshua Tree level pick up a bonfire and then move quickly under Pepper’s trailer which will set it on fire.

Redeemed – Bring everyone back from underground, just complete the Catapult level.

Secret Soup – On the Cat Soup level you will need to cook the secret recipe found in Chefs Recipe book which is Soup + 2 shakes of salt + 3 shakes of pepper. When the soup gets orange feed it to the bird.

The Flume Is Doomed – you need to destroy Raccoon Lagoon. just complete the Raccoon Lagoon level.

Quack Enthusiast – During any texting cutscene press the Quack button 100 times.

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