Yakuza Kiwami 2 – Hostesses Signal, Clients, And Checks Explained

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Developer Sega CS1 and Publisher Sega have released their new game named Yakuza Kiwami 2. It is an adventure fighting game and the remake of 2016’s Yakuza 2 which now comes with overhaudled graphics and a new dragon engine for smoothe gameplay.

Players will be able to use Kazuma Kiryu and explore the fictional Japanese districts which is filled with friends, enemies and a lot of actions.

Hostesses Signal, Clients, And Checks Explained In Yakuza Kiwami 2

In the game, you will complete many different missions and substories and progress through the story.

One of the important parts of the game and one of your money making source is the Cabaret Club. you will need to hire new hostesses and take a good of care of clients to rank up in the leagues and earn sweet rewards.

Below you will find a guide which will explain about Hostesses signal, How to handle clients and what does the checks do.

Hostesses Signal

Whenever you see the ‘Help Please!’ over a table, select it and use the personal service option. the hostess will give you one of the six hand symbols.

If you are able to select the correct option then Hostess will gain a small amount of HP, increase the spending of client and improve his mood.

If you select wrong hand choice you will miss out on the bonus which may or may not affect the client’s mood.

  • Circle with one hand – Ladies’ glass.
  • Hands open flat like a book – Menu.
  • L-shape with thumb and pointer finger – Guest glass.
  • Making a circle with both hands – Swap ashtray.
  • Twisting both hands – Towel.
  • Thumb and pinkie finger out with the hand pointing down – Refill ice.

The customers coming to the club having different preferences and liking. so you need to make sure that your client gets their preferred hostesses.

Hostesses come in four tier Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. bronze is the lowest and platinum is the highest rank. each hostess also has different stats and rank. the C rank is lowest and S is highest.

If you manage to keep track of the above points your clienst will be very happy and soon you will be earning tons of money.

But you will encounter some situations where the customers will become happy and cranky and if the clients stay in this mood for a long time then you will need to go their and talk. you can see the “Help, Please!,” which will give you many choices. you can learn about each of them below.

  • No harassment – use this if the client is seated and is troubling the hostess woman by looking at her lap.
  • No noise pollution – use this if the client is dancing around drunk and raising bottle.
  • No photos – use this if the client is using the phone to click pictures of the hostess who has arms crossed.
  • No touching – use this if the client is seated and is lunging toward the hostess with hands out.
  • No dancing – Never Choose this
  • No projecting – Never Choose this
  • No refills – Never Choose this
  • No scouting – Never Choose this
What Checks To Choose

Once the clients run out you will be able to see two sets of option and each sets consist of four choices.

Ready for a check (Set 1)

  • Give an expensive gift – Spend 50,000 to earn more fans and improve mood.
  • Gracious send off – Earn extra fans of the league from word-of-mouth.
  • Give the girl a reward – Spend 30,000 to restore a large amount of HP.
  • Praise girl – Restores a small amount of HP.

Ready for a check (Set 2)

  • Extend session – This option works only in the pink or orange mood. it can add time and trigger fever mode.
  • Give a gift – Spend 50,000 to earn more fans and improve mood.
  • Thank you very much – Improve the client’s mood and gives extra fans.
  • Our apologies – If your client mood is in green, blue or dark blue. then this will improve their mood slightly.

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