Little Dragons Cafe – How And Where To Find Scallops

Little Dragons Cafe

Publisher and Developer Aksys Games have released their new game named Little Dragons Cafe. it is an RPG action simulation game where players need to manage and run a little restaurant on a mysterious island.

Players can cook many different recipes to increase the cafe’s popularity and keep everyone happy. along with the cafe you will also need to take care of Draco a little dragon.

How And Where To Find Scallops In Little Dragons Cafe

Throughout the story, you will be tasked with finding new ingredients and cooking new recipes to progress through the game.

At one point in the story, you will need to cook Shrimp Au Gratin for the runaway girl which can be made with Shrimp, Cream Sauce, 1x Any Ingredients, and Scallops.

You can easily get the shrimp and cream sauce from near the cafe but getting the Scallops can be a bit confusing.

Where to get Scallops – you might have known by now that Scallop is a type of fish but you won’t be able to get it from any fishing locations near you cafe.

The only way of getting Scallops is by collecting all the Shrimp Au Gratin fragment. once you have done that a new fishing spot will appear in the game world.

To get there just go to the beach located next to your little cafe. go down from the sloped path and there look a small cave. once you get it you will notice a water section between a large pillar-like rock and the side of the cliff.

This is the new fishing spot, now will just have to fish there and you will get Scallops for Shrimp Au Gratin.

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