Guacamelee! 2 – Locations Of All 5 Keys And How To Get Good Ending

Guacamelee! 2

Publisher and Developer DrinkBox Studios have released their new game titled Guacamelee! 2. it is an action-adventure platformer game where players play as Juan who heads back to the Mexiverse to fight new sassy bosses.

In the game, players will be able to use powerful new moves like Eagle Boost, Rocket Kick, Pollo Shot and also use new super chicken abilities in a vibrant deadly world

Locations Of All 5 Keys And How To Get Good Ending In Guacamelee! 2

Key #1 – go to Infierno and there you need to defeat the Cactuardo boss which will give you the key.

Key #2 – to get this key you will need to go to the Infierno. there you need to go to a giant lava area located in the eastern-most side of the Infierno. from there you will need to fly across the area in a horizontal line destroying obstacles.

Key #3 – go to southern-most exit of Manglares zone and then enter Templo de Jade. this will bring you to an extremely hard platforming section where you cross lava and it does not even have a checkpoint.

The best way to cross it is by transforming to chicken to run faster and transforming to Juan to use eagle hooks.

Key #4 – to get this key you will need to go to the middle part of the Los Manglares. to enter the place drop down to find a secret enemy gauntlet blocked by a yellow wall.

Here you will need to fight multiple bosses at the same time. so it is recommended to get high HP and Stamina.

Key #5 – before you try to get this key I would recommend that you complete all the chicken dungeons to get all the chickens powers because you will need it.

If you have the powers then go to the western-most door on Isla Bonita and then use to enter Tule Treetops Top but a skeleton chicken guard will stop you from entering it. you will need to Lay eggs by using your egg-laying power.

If you don’t have this power then you can get it by beating the chicken dungeon located on the north-west side of the Infierno region.

Then you can proceed to go through the long platform section where you will need to use different chicken powers to reach the key.

How To Get The Good Ending In Guacamelee! 2

Once you have collected all the Five Keys return to the Chicken Illuminati Headquarters in Prison El Corazon. in the chicken headquarters, you will find a giant door, now you will need to talk to the hen bishop to open the door.

Behind the door, you will find a long platforming section and the end of the section the Holy hen will give you a message and finally you will have to beat Salvador in Templo de la Serpiente to get the good ending.

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