Little Dragons Cafe – Where And How To Get Powerful Zucchi Meat

Little Dragons Cafe

Developer and Publisher Aksys Games have released their new game titled Little Dragons Cafe. it is an action simulation and RPG game where players need to raise a baby dragon, grow and gather resources and also run a little cafe.

You will be able to experience the story of Rin, Ren, and Draco by meeting new characters, enemies and discovering new recipes.

Where And How To Get Powerful Zucchi Meat In Little Dragons Cafe

In the game, players need to gather different resources and ingredients to cook new recipes and satisfy the customers who come to your little cafe.

While progressing through the story you will arrive at a point where you need to cook the Powerful Zucchi Meat Sautee which can be made with three ingredients that are Powerful Zucchi Meat, Onion and Salt.

You can easily get the Onion and salt as they are common items but getting Powerful Zucchi Meat can be a bit tricky.

Where and How To Get The Powerful Zucchi Meat – to get this meat you will need to wait for your pet Dragon Draco has grown into his first stage. when he has grown into his first form he will be able to destroy small obstacles present in the world.

To get the meat you will need to go beyond the bridge from the cafe and take a left. from there go to the area where you spoke with the hunter who gives you the Extravagant Meat Dish recipe.

Just near that area, you will find a staircase that is blocked by large rocks. so just proceed forward and you will find a small ledge with a stone below it.

Now just push the stone using Draco and you will have access to a new area on the map. enter the new area and explore eventually you will run into a Powerful Zucchi.

You will need to use Draco’s hunt ability to take down the Zucchi and then get the Powerful Zucchi Meat. furthermore, you will be able to get to more ingredients like Zucchi tail, Zucchi Liver and more.

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