Little Dragons Cafe – All The Food Recipes And How To Unlock Them

Little Dragons Cafe

Developer and Publisher Aksys Games have released their new game titled Little Dragons Cafe. it is an RPG simulation game where players are placed in a story of twin brother and a sister whose mother has fallen into a deep sleep.

Now to help their mother the siblings need to take care of a dragon and also gather resources and cook new recipes to run the cafe and satisfy the customers.

All The Food Recipes And How To Unlock Them In Little Dragons Cafe

To run your little cafe you will need to gather different ingredients like vegetable, meat, fish and more and also cook them in your kitchen.

But there are plenty of ingredients and recipes and keeping track of each of them can be very difficult and tedious task. so below you will find a guide in each recipe for each meal and also how to unlock them if it is necessary.

All the food recipes listed are arranged in alphabetical order. just that the list is still in development so there may be further changes to it.

  • Bacon And Egg – Egg, Zucchi Bacon, Seasoning, 1x Any Ingredients/ Unlock – From Billy
  • Bagna Cauda – 3x Vegetable, Seasoning
  • Bibimbap – Rice, Vegetable, Seasoning
  • Cat Food Over Rice – Fish, Rice, Seasoning
  • Chili Con Carne – Beans, Seasoning, Meat, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Chocolate Sundae – Chocolate Syrup, 3x Any Ingredients
  • Cobb Salad – Meat, Vegetable, Egg, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Corn Soup – Corn, Seasoning
  • Country-Style Eel – Unprepared Eel, Radish, Soy Sauce, 1x Any Ingredients/Unlock – from the witch’s village
  • Crab Omelette Bowl – Egg, Rice, Seasoning, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Croquette – Potato, Flour/ Unlock – Given by Rin
  • Curry Rice – Curry Powder, Rice/ Unlock – Given by Luccola
  • Frappe – Fruit, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Fried Fish – Fish, Flour, Lemon, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Fruit Jelly – Fruit, Sugar, 2x Anything/ Unlock – From Rin
  • Fruit Pie – Fruit, Flour
  • German Potato Salad – Vegetable, Meat, Seasoning
  • Green Salad – 3x Vegetable, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Hot Pot – Dori Meat, Vegetable, Seasoning, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Jigae – 2x Vegetable, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Man’s Curry – Curry Powder, 2x Meat, Fish/ Unlock – Talking to Maurice, Giving a failed dish to Delicacy Collector.
  • Meat Pie – Meat, Flour, Seasoning, 1x Any Ingredients/ Unlock – from Rin
  • Meunière – Fish, Flour, Seasoning
  • Mont Blanc
  • Muffin – Flour, Fruit, Seasoning, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Nasi Goreng – Rice, Egg, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Omelette – Egg, Vegetable, Ketchup/ Unlock – From Billy
  • Paella – Rice, Fish
  • Pancake – Flour, Sugar, Egg, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Pickles – 2x Vegetable, Vinegar
  • Piping Hot Pot – Fish, Vegetable, Miso
  • Pizza – Flour, Cheese, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Pot-au-Feu – Meat, Vegetable, Ingredients
  • Potato Salad – Vegetable, Seasoning, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Powerful Zucchi Meat Sautée – Powerful Zucchi Meat, Onion, Salt, 2x Any ingredients
  • Pudding – Egg, Sugar, 3x Anything/ Unlock – From Ipanema
  • Radish Hot Pot – 2x Vegetable, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Ratatouille – Celery, Vegetable, Seasoning, 1x Any Ingredients/ Unlock – From Luccola
  • Rice Porridge – Rice, Seasoning
  • Risotto – Rise, Cheese, Seasoning
  • Sandwich – Flour, Seasoning, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Satay – Dori Meat, Seasoning, 3x Any Ingredients
  • Shish Kebab – Zucchi Meat, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Shrimp Au Gratin – Shrimp, Scallop, Cream Sauce, 1x Any Ingredients
  • Shrimp Cocktail – Shrimp, Seasoning,  1x Any Ingredients
  • Steak Bowl – Zucchi, Rice, Seasoning/ Unlock – Hearty Meat Dish 4: Besides the house
  • Stir-Fried Vegetables – Onion, Cabbage, Seasoning, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Sunny-Side Up – Egg, Seasoning, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Tomato Soup – 2x Tomato
  • Udon – Flour, Seasoning, 2x Any Ingredients
  • Vichyssoise – Potato, Seasoning, 2x Any Ingredients/ Unlock – From Luccola
  • Yukhoe – Meat, Egg, Seasoning, 2x Any Ingredients/ Unlock – From Billy

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