Little Dragons Cafe – How To Remove Wood/Rock Obstacles

Little Dragons Cafe

Developer and Publisher Aksys Games have released their new game titled Little Dragons Cafe. it is an RPG adventure game where players are placed in a strange island with a baby dragon and a small cafe.

In the game, players need to farm or find the resources and also collect new recipes to cook to satisfy customers and run the cafe. along with the cafe you will also need to take care of the little dragon to save your mother.

How To Remove Wood/Rock Obstacles In Little Dragons Cafe

To run your little cafe you will need several ingredients and materials if you don’t have them in your stock then most likely you will need to go out into the open world.

While exploring the unknown lands you will come across many different areas which have been blocked with wood or rocks and if you want to proceed forward you will need to break it but your character cannot destroy it.

When you start the game your Dragon Draco will be in his first stage. he will be tiny, powerless and would not be able to do most of the tasks. he can dig items from small caves which would tire him very quickly.

But as you progress through the game, Draco will start growing into his second stage of growth and then he will be able to destroy small rocks and woods obstacles. on further growth, he will be able to destroy bigger obstacles.

If Draco is unable to destroy a certain obstacle in one hit then it means you need to progress through the story of the game and let Draco grow into an even more powerful dragon.

Remember to take care of your Dragon, he has an HP bar on the bottom left corner of the screen. whenever he does any hard task it reduces. so take care of it and do not let it deplete to zero.

You should always make sure to feed him once a day. you can feed him any meal you want just remember that certain meals can change his colors.

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