Shenmue 1 & 2 – Where And How To Find Warehouse #8

Shenmue 1 & 2

Publisher SEGA and Developer D3T have released their new game titled Shenmue 1 & 2. it is a story rich martial arts RPG game where players play as Ryo Hazuki a young jujitsu artist whose father was killed by Lan Di before him..

In the game, players will be able to explore the improved world for clues, talk to different NPC and fight enemies to get to your father’s killer. you will also be able to take part in different arcade games like duck racing and more.

Where And How To Find Warehouse 8 In Shenmue 1 & 2

In the game, most of your missions will send you to fight against different enemies and in search for new characters, items, and locations.

In one of the mission, you will need to find the location of Warehouse #8 which might seem simple but is actually quite a long and tedious task. so below you will find a guide to make the mission easy for you.

How To Find Warehouse #8 – to get to the warehouse you can use two methods calling the phone operator or manually finding the address. so we will look at each of method one by one.

The first method is by using the phone to call information. to be able to use it you must first translate the Chinese letters in the China Shop.

If you have already translated and have obtained the numbers then go to the Tobacco Shop located beyond the Flower Shop near the Dobuita’s outskirts. there use the phone to call information (104) and ask for the area related to the number.

Just remember that you will only two chance before Ryo starts saying that calling the operator is pointless. so don’t lose the chances.

Second Method – If you have already blown away your chance of getting the information from the Phone operator. then you will need to use the phone book to find the area’s address. to do it just use the interactive key and look into the phone book in the Tobacco shop.

Ryo will automatically look for the address in the phone book. once you have the address get on a bus and go to the docks.

Right Path To Reach Warehouse 8

Once you reach the docks you will find many buildings and warehouse which makes the place look like a big maze. so follow the simple path and you will reach your location.

After getting off the bus go to the front of the docks area where you will find the main guardhouse. go right from the guardhouse and you will arrive in a big open area. from there go past the Tomato convenience store and the cafeteria.

Then go straight towards the water and once you reach it turn left and keep walking until you reach another guard post. make sure to not get caught by the guards so sneak past the post and you will arrive in the Old District Warehouse.

In the Old District Warehouse, go towards the back and look for the warehouse 8 in the left corner. you will arrive at your location and find Master Chen.

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