Newton And The Apple Tree – Full Walkthrough And Endings

Newton And The Apple Tree

Publisher Sol Press and Developer Laplacian have released their new game titled Newton And The Apple Tree. it is an indie visual novel game where players play as Protagonist Syuji Asanaga who has mysteriously traveled through time to the 17th century.

Along with childhood friend Yotsuko Utakane, they will be able to see exciting advances in scientific discovery and also meet new characters.

Full Walkthrough And Ending Of Newton And The Apple Tree

In the game, you will be able to unlock new achievements and different endings for different characters.

You will be able to choose from many different dialogues and options which will shape your story of the game.

Before you proceed remember that for your first playthrough, you will be locked on either Utakane Yotsuko’s or Lavi Gier’s route. if you want to unlock more endings you will need to finish Lavi’s route 2 times.

Below you will find a walkthrough on how to progress through the whole game and get all routes

Utakane Yotsuko
  • Teach her about sushi (you can choose any sushi)
  • Explain that it’s not a problem of size. (you can choose any option)
  • Say you forgot something inside.
  • Think your way out.
  • First Create Save #1 then – Wipe away her tears
Lavi Gier
  • Here first Load Save #1 then – Help her up.
  • Create Save #2 then – Must be my imagination…
  • Deep Sleep. (you can choose any option)
Tsukumo Haru
  • Here, first Load Save #2 then – From the Balcony…?
  • Create Save #3 then Go out to the balcony.
Emmy Felton
  • Here Load Save #3 then – Better go to sleep.
  • Drop the apple in front of her.
  • Create Save #4 – Take Emmy’s Hand.
Alice Bedford
  • Here Load Save #4 then – Talk sense into Emmy.
  • I can come up with something better…
  • This doesn’t cut it.
  • There’s more…!
  • I’m not over yet!
  • It has to be “Baka-aniki”
Extra Scence

After you have completed all the above route go to the main menu there you will see an option “Continue+” on the button right corner of the screen. select it and you will enter the new scenario, choose the following option. you can do anything you want.


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