Graveyard Keeper – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Graveyard Keeper

Developer Lazy Bear Games and Publisher tinyBuild have released their new game titled Graveyard Keeper. it is a 2D medieval simulation RPG game where players enter a medieval age where they get the control of an old graveyard.

Now they must use it to its fullest and turn in into a thriving business. you will be able to collect many different resources to unlock new items and upgrades and thus improving the quality of the graveyard.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners In Graveyard Keeper

Use sleep every time you are low on energy this is the best way to recover all the lost energy.

If your character is completely tired and cannot reach home. then you should eat some food to regain energy.

Many people do not know about it but the game saves your progress whenever you sleep.

The durability of the tools that you use decrease based on the type of actions performed with it. so you are bound to repair or replace your tools.

Church-related tips
  • Unlock combo prayer as soon as possible and craft it. it will increase your income and faith generation.
  • Check the sign on the left side of the church. this will make you talk to the inquisitor, accept his friendship and gift him 20 firewood next time and you will be able to gain a new burial site.
  • Focus on church decoration just getting 2 confessionals improves the church score by 5 which is totally worth it.
  • Unlock the church workbench from the writing tab it would increase the points significantly.
  • Complete sermon successfully they will be one your biggest source of income.
Corpse related tips
  • Your donkey will keep bringing corpse until your morgue is full packed.
  • Each corpse is different and has a time limit which can make the difference in a good corpse and bad corpse. so always keep in mind to take care of them as soon as possible.
  • You should build pallets in the morgue to increase the period of corpse decay.
  • There are three rating present in the corpse which is represented as white, red, and green skulls. white being the best, red being the average and green being the worst.
  • Corpse come in a mix of all colors so the strategy is to avoid any green color, use only corpses with white skulls, and then use corpse which has a higher number of white skulls then red skulls.
  • You can perform autopsies to increase the corpse rating.
  • if the corpse has fully decayed it is best to cremate it.
  • Avoid throwing corpse in the river as it leads to the city.
Technology related tips
  • Some technologies can only be made accessible if you complete a certain quest or talk to a certain NPC.
  • There are six different trees under technology but all of them use the three basic points and that is red points which are handcrafting skills. green points which represent knowledge about nature and blue points represent spiritual/scientific knowledge.
  • You should prioritize in unlock smithing and building first as it would be extremely useful in early parts of the game.
  • Next, you should focus on Theology and book writing for farming blue points which increase options in church.
  • And finally, unlock the alchemy and farming which would be required in later part of the game.
  • Alchemy can be unlocked by learning from the witch on the hills.

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