Graveyard Keeper – Guide On Where To Find Honey

Graveyard Keeper

Publisher tinyBuild and Developer Lazy Bear Games have released their new game titled Graveyard Keeper. it is an indie sandbox simulation adventure game where players will get their own graveyard which they need to manage, upgrade and earn money.

Players will able to gather valuable materials and craft new items and expand the graveyard into a thriving business. you will also be able to explore mysteriously and experiment with alchemy.

Guide On Where To Find Honey In Graveyard Keeper

In the game, players need to collect a lot of new resources to craft and upgrade new items to improve the quality and condition of the graveyard which will attract customers and you will be able to earn money from it.

One of the resources you need in the game is Honey which you need to bake cake and muffins. so below you will find a guide on how and where you can find the honey.

Just like the real world, you will find honey from beehives which can found hanging from a tree. you can get the honey by getting near a beehive and pressing the interactable button.

But be cautious as the beehive have bees who will stung you and deal 15 damage so always approach hive when you have a decent amount of HP. below you will find the locations where you can find trees with beehives.

First Location – there are two trees with honey just above a hill in the north-west direction from your house.

Second Location – a tree near a camp just outside of the town.

Third Location – there are two trees at the side of the wheat field located in the east direction from the witch’s hill.

One good thing about this resources is that it respawn quickly so you do not need to worry about searching for new locations.

But you should maintain some precautions like not chopping down the tree with honey. I would also recommend approaching these trees only during the daytime as at night you will find a lot of bats which are quite troublesome.

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