Graveyard Keeper – Guide On How To Unlock Smithing

Graveyard Keeper

Publisher tinyBuild and Developer Lazy Bear Games have released their new game titled Graveyard Keeper. it is an indie pixel graphics adventure game where players must manage a medieval graveyard and turn into a profitable business.

Players will have to unlock a lot of new medieval age technology to repair, improve and craft new materials to boost the quality and thereby attracting more customers.

Guide On How To Unlock Smithing In Graveyard Keeper

In the game, players will need to unlock a lot of different upgrades to expand and improve the graveyard and turn it into a profitable business.

While progressing through the game you will encounter a situation where you need an anvil, nails or other metal items. for this, you will need to unlock smithing which will let you craft and upgrade metal tools and items.

But unlocking smithing can be a bit tricky as it the only technology tree which is not present from the beginning of the game and you need to complete a special task to make it accessible through the technology menu.

How To Unlock Smithing – first you need to go to the inn present in the village. there you need to talk to the innkeeper who will give you a quest asking you to help the blacksmith.

Then head to the blacksmith and interact with him, he will give you a sword and a quest to kill some slimes. you can find the slimes in the north direction, kill them both, pick up the remains and bring it back to the blacksmith.

This will complete the quest and he will give you some rewards. after this talk to him again and you will see an option “Ask where to find Metal Ore”. select it and he will talk about it.

At the end of the conversation, he will give you the recipe for the furnace. this will unlock smithing in the technology tree and you can unlock it by using points.

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