Graveyard Keeper – Guide On How To Craft An Anvil

Graveyard Keeper

Publisher tinyBuild and Developer Lazy Bear Games have released their new game titled Graveyard Keeper. it is an RPG pixel graphics simulation game where players will need to turn their graveyard into a money making machine in the medieval age.

Players will have to take many moral decisions which will shape their business. you will also have to gather all the necessary resources and craft new tools and items to boost the quality of your graveyard.

Guide On How To Craft An Anvil In Graveyard Keeper

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a graveyard which is in a complete bad shape. you will need to clean the whole property, repair broken things and finally craft and upgrade new items and tools to improve the quality,

One of the things you will need to craft and upgrade new items is an Anvil which will let you create nails, iron materials, and other complex parts.

The only problem with crafting an Anvil is that you will need to unlock Smithing from the technology tree and but you won’t find smithing in the tree which confuses a lot of players.

How To Unlock Smithing – To make the Smithing option accessible you will need to head to towards the inn located in the village. there you need to speak to the innkeeper who will give you a quest in which you need to talk to the blacksmith.

Talk to the blacksmith and you he will you a sword and a quest in which you need to kill some slimes and collect their remains.

You can find the slimes in the northern direction. kill them, collect the remains and then return to the Blacksmith.

The blacksmith will reward you with 10 points of friendship with him and it will unlock new interactive options. so talk with him again and you will see an option “Ask where to find Metal Ore”.

Select the option and he will talk about the metal at the end of the conversation he will give you a furnace recipe and it will unlock the smithing option in technology tree.

Crafting Anvil –  with the smithing unlocked you can now craft the Anvil. for crafting it you will need some Wooden Billet and some Simple Iron Parts.

Wooden Billet can be acquired by chopping few trees manipulating of large logs and the simple iron parts can be bought from the blacksmith.

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