Graveyard Keeper – Guide On Corpse And Corpse Rating

Graveyard Keeper

Publisher tinyBuild and Developer Lazy Bear Games have released their new game titled Graveyard Keeper. it is a 2D RPG simulation game where players will need to manage an old medieval graveyard and expand it into other ventures.

You will start with very little resources so get ready to gather a new resources, craft new materials, items and other upgrades to improve the quality of the graveyard and earn money.

Guide On Corpse And Corpse Rating In Graveyard Keeper

As the person responsible for managing and upgrading the graveyard you will also need to take care of other things like church prayers, foods and the thing which runs your business the corpse.

You will have to decide what you want to do with the dead bodies whether you want to bury it or want to sell it off to butchers for money. but before you do it you will need to rate the corpse which can be a bit confusing.

How To Rate Corpse – your donkey will bring you new corpse regularly so you need remember it. whenever the donkey arrives with bodies get them inside the Morgue as soon as you can to avoid decay.

If you are busy then you can put the corpse on pallets or the autopsy table. this will increase the time required for the decay and you can check the bodies later.

But it is always best to check the corpse right away on the autopsy table for their rating. each corpse has a different rating which determines their rating. this will help you decide what you can do and how to can make maximum profit.

To check the rating place the corpse on the autopsy table and you will be able to see a specific colored skull. there are a total of three different skulls green, red, and white.

Green Skull – this skull indicates the worst possible rating and you should avoid this corpse as it will affect your graveyard very much.

Red Skull – this skull indicates the not so good rating. these skulls reduce points from your graveyard. for example, if you have one red skull your graveyard points will be reduced by one and if you have three red skulls your graveyard points will be reduced by three points.

White Skull – this skull indicates the best corpse rating, these skulls add points to your grave and improve the quality. for example, if you have one white skull you can get one point for your graveyard and if you have three white skulls you can get three points for your graveyard.

Rating Mix colored skulls corpse

Now you know what different color skulls do but remember that corpse comes in a mix of both green, red, and white skulls. you can always perform autopsies to improve the skull rating.

you already know that you have to discard the green corpse but there is a way to work around the corpse with red and white skulls. just remember that red skulls have higher authority than white skulls.

for example, a corpse with 3 red and 3 white would need +6 in grave upgrades to remove any negative effects.

So your strategy should always be to have corpses with white skulls only, then have the corpses that have more white skulls then red. this way you can avoid having to deal with the negative effects of the dead bodies.

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