Graveyard Keeper – Guide On How To Earn Science Points

Graveyard Keeper

Developer Lazy Bear Games and Publisher tinyBuild have released their new game titled Graveyard Keeper. it is an indie adventure game where players must build and manage a medieval graveyard while facing many difficult challenges.

In the game, players need to collect different resources to maintain and expand the graveyard and turn it into a profitable business. to do it you can use any method like burning the corpses or selling it to the butchers.

Guide On How To Earn Science Points In Graveyard Keeper

In the game, your main objective is to build a successful business by running and managing a graveyard.

For this, you will need to research various medieval technology. one of the points you can earn is the science points which is one of trickest and hardest to earn. so below you will find some ways to earn them easily.

To start earning Science points/blue points – first, you need to study and burn paper to earn science points in the basement of the church. but to do it you will need to get the Church Workbench which will be your main source of earn early points.

How to craft church workbench – to build the workbench you need to unlock Research and Paper Crafting which is present under the Book Writing technology tree. then you need to craft an Anvil to make Complex Iron Parts.

With the research part, an anvil and few other resources you will be able to craft the church workbench.

Using the church workbench – once you have the workbench you need to collect human skin, bat skin, or pig skin. then use the workbench to convert the skins into Pigskin Paper and after that convert the pigskins into clean paper.

This process will give you some clean paper which you can take over to the Study Table in the church. there you can study it and finally burn it to gain science points.

You can grind the above method repeatedly and earn plenty of science points in just a few points.


You can complete the astrologer’s quest to gain few science points. you can also buy books and scientific papers from the Astrologist to study and burn which will be another source of points.

Bishop and Church

You can complete quests for the bishop who will also reward you with some science points furthermore you can craft Church benches and do other church-related researches to gain points.

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