Death’s Gambit – Guide On How To Kill Ghosts Easily

Death’s Gambit

Developer White Rabbit and Publisher Adult Swim Games have released their new game titled Death’s Gambit. it is a challenging souls like Metroidvania RPG game where players play as a bound agent of death on a journey to find secrets of immortality.

In the game, players will be able to explore many different nonlinear levels. as it is an RPG game you will be able to equip your character with different custom outfits, new weapons, new abilities and fight difficult enemies.

Guide On How To Kill Ghosts Easily In Death’s Gambit

In the game, players will have to fight many different types of enemies who have different abilities and traits. so you will have to deal with each of them differently.

The ghosts are one of the enemies you will face but what makes them totally different from other is the fact that no weapons work on them in normal conditions which makes it impossible to deal with them. so below you will learn how to kill it.

How To Kill Ghosts – no physical attack or magic attack has any effect on the ghosts. they are immune from every weapon and skills no matter how powerful they are. but these supernatural creatures are extremely weak against sunstones.

So whenever you encounter a ghost throw a sunstone towards them. this will reveal their true physical form which can be damaged by any weapon or magic skills.

Another good thing about Sunstones is that they are not rare items and are pretty to easy to get. you can get this item easily by defeating crystal enemies.

But if you are still having trouble getting sunstones then you can just go to Jaco Of Basilus, it is an NPC who sells items. you can find him in a red tent located in the game’s hub area and get the sunstones for 20 hope.

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