Death’s Gambit – Guide On How To Get Lost Feathers

Death’s Gambit

Developer White Rabbit and Publisher Adult Swim Games have released their new game titled Death’s Gambit. it is a challenging pixel graphics RPG Metroidvania game where players play as an agent of death on a journey to find secrets and true price of immortality.

In the game, players will be able to explore many different nonlinear levels. you will also be able to unlock and upgrade different weapons, abilities, items and more.

Guide On How To Get Lost Feathers In Death’s Gambit

Souls like games are famous for their punishing gameplay which makes the players think twice about committing to certain actions.

Death’s Gambit is also a souls-like game but unlike other games, it does not punish players by reducing their exp, money or other stats. instead, it reduces the number of feathers you have in your inventory.

Feathers are the main source of healing in the game and when you die you will lose one feather meaning you will now have one less healing charge which makes the game even more difficult. but fortunately, you can recover the lost feathers.

How To Recover Lost Feathers – to get back your lost feathers you will need to go back to the location where you died and you will find it lying on the ground. all you have to do is now stand on it and press the down button to pick it up.

Another way to get back the lost feather is to go to any death’s idol where you have rested. there you will see an option to reclaim. press it and you will get all the feathers back.

But remember it is not free you will need to spend shards. also, the required number of shards to get feathers increases with the increase in levels which means high the level more will be the cost of reclaiming the feathers.

So if you want free feathers then you will need to go back to the location of your death but if you are ok with spending shards then use the Death’s idol. just remember feathers will be very crucial to your survival.

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