Death’s Gambit – Augment And Reclaim Explained

Death’s Gambit

Developer White Rabbit and Publisher Adult Swim Games have released their new game titled Death’s Gambit. it is a pixel graphics Metroidvania game with rich RPG elements, players will play as an agent of death exploring the mysterious and unforgiving world.

In the game, players will be able to choose from seven different playable classes and then travel and explore many different worlds and meet strange quirky characters. you will also be able to customize your character with new upgradeable weapons and skills.

What are Augment And Reclaim In Death’s Gambit

As the game is made to represent souls like environment, players will be able to gain access to various new locations, secret areas, and checkpoints.

One of the important locations are the various Death’s Idol located in the game, players can rest here, level up and upgrade. if you have interacted with one of these structures then you will have seen the Augment and Reclaim option. if you are confused about what they are, then read below.

What is Augment – this is one of the options you get when you interact with Death’s Idol. if you choose it you will be able to sacrifice feathers and get more damage. for every one feather, you sacrifice you will get a 10 percent increase in damage output.

This option of increasing damage is really tempting but be careful if you choose it you will lose a feather which will reduce the number of healing charges.

This will affect your survival and make the game even more hardcore. but if you are confident that you can survive with less healing and want to destroy enemies quickly then you can choose the Augment option.

What is Reclaim – this is also one of the options you get in the Death’s idol. its the opposite of Augment which means it lets you reclaim lost feathers. when you select this option you will be charged some amounts of shard and in return, you will get the feather.

But remember one thing the cost of reclaiming a feather increases with the increase in the level of your characters. for example, if you need to pay 200 shards for leveling up once then you will need 200 shards to get the feather.

The reclaim is bound to get costly so it wise that you pick up the feathers from the locations of your death. you should only use it when you don’t want to return to the location where you died.

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