Death’s Gambit – Guide On Where To Find The Enchanter

Death's Gambit

Developer White Rabbit and Publisher Adult Swim Games have released their new game titled Death’s Gambit. it is a 2D soul like Metroidvania RPG game where players play as an agent of death and you are on a journey to reveal the mystery of Siradon.

In the game, players will be able to explore many nonlinear levels, different custom outfits, new weapons, new abilities and plenty of monsters and bosses.

Guide On Where To Find The Enchanter In Death’s Gambit

At the beginning of the game, you will get a section where you will be given a chance to select from one of the seven classes and along with the character you will get some default starting items for your adventure.

While progressing through your story you will pick a lot of different items but the only problem is that you will not find any NPCs who are willing to buy it. even when you arrive at Sanctuary you will find many NPCs who are selling a lot of new items but none of them will buy your items.

This is where you will need to find the Enchanter, it is an NPC who can upgrade your items and make them more powerful and effective against high-level enemies.

Location Of The Enchanter – leave Sanctuary and go to the upper left part, you need to go past the shopkeeper. after that, you will need to defeat a spear and two archer enemy and proceed left. eventually, you will reach the Phoenix boss.

Defeat the Phoenix and then go left again to enter the Obsidian Vale. after entering the Vale go left again and you will find two NPC.

So go all the way up there and from there go right until you reach a horn like thing. interact with the horn and it will lower a ladder at the beginning section of Obsidian Vale. climb that ladder and you arrive at the Tundra Lord boss.

Defeat the boss and go left to rescue a tied NPC, this is the Enchanter. once you save him he will appear at Sanctuary. you will be able to find him next to the death’s idol back in Sanctuary.

The Enchanter can disenchant your items to give you soul stones and can also upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful.

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  1. Burgwad

    I think this changed with the Afterlife update. I was in the middle of following the directions given here when I simply found the enchanter tied up on a ledge. I defeated the shield wolf dude guarding him, and freed him. Easy peasy. No boss fight necessary.

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