We Happy Few – Guide On How To Solve Mastermind Button Puzzle

We Happy Few

Publisher Gearbox Publishing and Developer Compulsion Games have released their new game titled We Happy Few. it is an open world survival and psychological horror game where players must craft new items and fight against enemies to escape Wellington Wells.

In the game, players will be able to experience the story from the eye of three characters. you will be able to meet new characters, craft new devices to trick your enemies and fight the authorities who are after your blood.

Guide On How To Solve Mastermind Button Puzzle In We Happy Few

In the game, you will have to solve many different types of puzzles to progress through the story of the game.

Some puzzles are easy and some puzzles are really hard which can easily get frustrating and tedious. one of the tricky puzzles is called the Mastermind Button Puzzle. the solution of the problem is simple but players need to follow a trick to solve it.

The Mastermind Button puzzle is a dynamic puzzle which means there is no fixed way of solving it and the solution is different for every player. but worry not you can follow the steps listed below to solve the puzzle.

How To Solve the puzzle – when you look at the puzzle you will find 4 different buttons and a small lever in the lower right corner which has “Block C” written on it.

The main objective is to identify the correct symbol for each button before pulling the lever. but you fail to get correct symbol you will lose and the puzzle will reset and you will have to start again.

First press each button until all the buttons have a similar symbol, for example, the circle symbol and then pull the lever. this will reveal two lights red and green. the red color over symbol means it is wrong and green color over symbol mean it is correct.

Now if you have got any correct symbol, leave it as it is. then change the symbol of the rest of the wrong button to any other symbol except circle. then pull the lever again.

Repeat the above method until you get all correct symbol and you will solve the puzzle.

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