We Happy Few – Guide On How To Solve Future Perfect Cannon Puzzle

We Happy Few

Publisher Gearbox Publishing and Developer Compulsion Games have released a new game tiled We Happy Few. it is an open world survival and psychological horror game where players must gather resources to craft new items and fight enemies to get out of the dangerous Island.

In the game, players will be able to experience the story from the eye of three characters. you will be able to meet new characters, disguise yourself to survive and create new weapons to fight the authorities who are hunting you.

Guide On How To Solve Future Perfect Cannon Puzzle In We Happy Few

In the game, you will have to solve many different puzzles by using the three unique characters and progress through the game.

In Arthur’s chapter, you will get a quest called Future Perfect. in this quest, you will arrive at the Department of Scientific Research and you need to reach the director of the department but under some circumstance, he is stuck in his office and neither can he come out nor can you reach him.

So now you will need to solve a puzzle in which you align the cannon and fire it to open the weapon. but before you fire the weapon you will need to take care of several other tasks.

First, you need to repair all the machines present on the main floor and to do it you will need to search for the missing parts.

  • Location Of Blue Electrowave Stimulator – the electro wave battery is on the shelf in the maintenance room you can get to it through back-door on the right side on the main floor.
  • Location Of Purple Sublimator – the valve is present in the shower located in the washroom on the first floor. you can get to it through back-door on the left side.
  • Location Of Yellow Hot Flash –  can be found on a broken machine present on the wall located behind the shelves.

Once you have received all the above parts you will be able to repair the machines. after that, you will have to arrange the machines which are a bit tricky but if you’re having troubling you can follow the steps listed below. just remember to control a machine you need to press the same colored button.

  • The Blue Electrowave stimulator should be at the leftmost part of the floor.
  • Then comes Yellow Hot Flash
  • Then Purple Sublimator
  • And Finally, the Green Cannon pointing towards the door

Use the buttons on the control panel to properly arrange them and if you do it the cannon will fire and create a hole in the door. you will be able to pass through the hole and talk to Director Arkwright. make sure to loot that room it has valuable items.

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