Madden 19 – Guide On How To Perform Normal And Signature Celebrations

Madden 19

Developer EA Tiburon and Publisher EA Sports have released their new game titled Madden 19. it is an action sports game based on the American Football games and it will be the twentieth edition in the franchise.

The latest edition of the game comes with improved game mechanics like real player motions and new game modes like three vs three online matchups as well as a “Solo Battles” game mode. furthermore, you will be also able to do new interactive touchdown celebrations.

Guide On How To Perform Normal And Signature Celebrations In Madden 19

Just like previous game you will be tackling players and running across the field to score big points and win the match.

But one of the best parts about the game is the celebrations and showboating which really fires up the game between players. so if you are confused on how to do it then you can follow the guide below and do it easily.

Now before you jump into celebrating your goal remember to only celebrate when you know you’re about to score or have already scored. if you start showboating in the field then you are giving your opponent the chance to tackle you and you don’t want it.

There hasn’t been much change in Madden 19 the controls are almost the same. so if you want to perform a celebration after a touchdown you will need to press three buttons at the same time. below you will find default controls to perform celebrations in different platforms.

  • PS4 – To perform celebration in PS4 hold L2 + R2 + X
  • Xbox –  To perform celebration in Xbox hold RT + LT + A
  • PC – To perform celebration in PC  hold L-Shift + K + H

But if you want to spice up your celebration even more. then you can do the signature celebrations solo or even with your team. below you will learn how to do it.

  • Dance – Push right-stick left
  • Player-specific celebration – Push right-stick down
  • Spike the ball – Push right-stick right
  • Swag celebration – Push right-stick in
  • To perform team celebration – Push right-stick up

if you want to celebrate and also make sure that you score a goal then you can press LT + X on the Xbox One and L2 + Square on the PS4 to perform a dive just make sure you are close to the goal line or else you will get tackled and slammed on the ground.

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