We Happy Few – How To Get Golden Knocker (Unbreakable Weapon)

We Happy Few

Developer Compulsion Games and Publisher Gearbox Publishing have released a new game tiled We Happy Few. it is an open world survival psychological horror game where players must survive and fight to get out of the delusional island.

In the game, players will be able to experience the story from the eye of three flawed characters. each of them has a unique storyline. to progress through the game you will need to solve several tricky puzzles and to survive you will need to craft new tools, weapons, and other useful devices.

How To Get Golden Knocker (Unbreakable Weapon) In We Happy Few

In the game, players will be able to craft different weapons and tools to survive the dangerous Wellington Wells.

But eventually, these weapons and tools will degrade and break down. you can repair them but they will be pretty expensive so it is better to get the most durable weapon and use it without any consequence. The Golden Knocker is one such weapon which players can unlock in the game. below you will find a guide on how to do it in We Happy Few.

To get the Golden Knocker you will need to go into the third floor of the reform club but you cannot just walk into the club. to enter it you will need to complete some requirements which might take some time.

So let’s begin, first, you need to enter the club and to do it you will need to wait until the story asks you to visit the police station and also find Dr. Faraday’s location who is in Lud’s Holm. to reach her you will complete the “The English Vice” quest which will send into reform club to steal some credentials.

Once you have completed the above tasks you will now need to enter the reform club which is only open at night and is heavily guarded. there are two ways you can use to enter the club and both are easy to execute.

  • in the first method, you can sneak into the building by using the vents. you will have to pick the lock located on the room on the right side and then enter the vents, once you are inside the vent go to the center and you will find a hatch which leads to the stairwell behind the Bobbie’s locked gate.
  • in the second method, you can go to the front door and talk to the Bobbie to get inside. but to do it you will need a rubber catsuit which you can find in the lockers to the right.

Once you have successfully entered the reform club go to the third floor and you will find an old lady and behind her, you will find a container which contains the Golden Knocker. talk to her and she will give you a quest to find some key. this particular key opens the container.

To get the key you will need to go to the first floor and search for it there. once you find it returns the key to the old lady and you will receive some skill points.

After you have completed the key quest for the old lady sneak behind her and take her down with a nonlethal weapon and then take the key from the body. then go to her desk and press the button to reveal the security machine and disable it.

Now you can unlock the container without raising any alarm and take the Golden Knocker. the description for this weapons say that it degrades extremely slowly but I haven’t seen the degrade bar move till now.

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