We Happy Few – How To Craft Dirty Bandages And Regular Bandages

We Happy Few

Developer Compulsion Games and Publisher Gearbox Publishing have released a new game tiled We Happy Few. it is an open world survival psychological horror game where players must hide, survive and fight out of the delusional world.

In the game, players will be able to experience the story from the eye of three troubled characters. each of them has a unique storyline. you will also be able to craft new tools, weapons, and other useful devices. to progress through the game you will need to solve several tricky puzzles.

How To Craft Dirty Bandages And Regular Bandage In We Happy Few

In the game, you will play as Arthur Hastings the protagonist of the story who has realized that the oppressive government is giving the citizen a drug known as Joy which makes them delusional and oblivious to real-world problems.

While surviving this scary world you will have to fight some enemies which might result in your character getting injured and you will need to heal it. so below you will find two such items which will help you heal.

How To Get Dirty Bandages – to get the dirty bandages you will need to craft them from your inventory menu. to craft it you will need Cloth Scraps which can be found in plenty around the map. just search the house, box, and containers.

Once you have the required item, just craft it using the recipe in the inventory menu. remember the dirty bandages does stop your bleeding but it can cause infection as the cloth piece is not disinfected. so use it only if you don’t have any choice.

How To Get Regular Bandages –  to get the regular bandages you will need two items. the first item is 2 X Cloth Scraps and the second item is Alcohol. as mentioned above you will be to get the cloth scraps from anywhere in Wellington Wells.

Getting Alcohol can be tricky, some areas don’t have any alcohol and some have plenty of it. so it depends on your luck. you can find Scotch, another type of alcohol in Wellies, and in rare cases in Wastrel’s House.

Once you have the required items craft it using your inventory menu. the regular bandages are better than dirty as it does not comes with the risk of giving your character infection.

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