We Happy Few – Guide On How To Get And Craft Recipes

We Happy Few

Developer Compulsion Games and Publisher Gearbox Publishing have released a new game tiled We Happy Few. it is an open world survival psychological horror game where players must hide, survive and fight to get out of the delusional island.

In the game, players will be able to experience the story from the eye of three flawed characters. each of them has a unique storyline. to progress through the game you will need to fight different enemies and solve several tricky puzzles. you will also need to craft new tools, weapons, and other useful devices to survive.

Guide On How To Get And Craft Recipes In We Happy Few

As one of the Downers in the story of the game, you will be constantly hunted by the authorities who don’t want you escape Wellington Wells and expose their secrets.

To fight different enemies and survive the dangerous island you will need to craft different devices like weapons, healing items and more. below you will find three different way to craft different items some are easy to make and some are hard.

The First method of crafting is the easiest one and can be done anywhere in the world. to use this method just open your menu and select the crafting option which looks like a hammer. then select the recipe which you want to craft and press the appropriate button. remember to complete the crafting you need to have necessary resources.

The second method of crafting is for crafting weapons, tools, and other devices. these items which help you fight back against the enemies. to craft these items you must locate a Mechanical Craft Table which looks like a table but with yellow colored vice. you can find these table in houses present around the world.

Once you have the Mechanical Craft table just interact with it using the appropriate button and then craft using the recipe options from the crafting tab.

The third method of crafting is for making Chemical items like Antiseptic, Hallucinogens and more. to craft these items you will need a Chemical station which looks almost similar to the Mechanical table. all you need to do is get necessary resources and then go into the crafting menu and select the recipe.

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